Marlin Brands Pty Ltd (Company) strives to ensure that it, and the other members of the Marlin Brands Corporate Group, are operating their businesses lawfully and with integrity.

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This page provides a mechanism for reporting of conduct that has given rise to a reasonable suspicion of inappropriate conduct.

Key concepts in the whistleblower protection scheme under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) are:

  • An eligible whistleblower can (in relation to a regulated entity) make a qualifying disclosure to an eligible recipient about that entity.
  • A personal work-related grievance is not a qualifying disclosure except in limited circumstances.
  • Where the qualifying disclosure is about misconduct or an improper state of affairs, you must have reasonable grounds to suspect that conduct or state of affairs.
  • A qualifying disclosure can be made anonymously. If the qualifying disclosure is not made anonymously, in any case an eligible whistleblower’s identity must not be disclosed by the eligible recipient(unless the eligible whistleblower consents to this).
  • However, if the qualifying disclosure is made anonymously, or if there is no consent to the identity being disclosed in (for example) any investigation by the regulated entity of the qualifying disclosure, the capacity to effectively investigate or take any action is reduced.

Details of the Company’s workplace policy dealing with whistleblower protections are found at:

The information entered into the form will be transmitted to the Group Chief Financial Officer. The information may be retained on Company’s IT equipment, but [confirm how the information will remain confidential, eg, access to it is limited to that internal eligible recipient and IT administrators have been instructed they may not access it without permission form the internal eligible recipient.

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